Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lesson 6 Part 1 Challenge

I think it is hilarious that this article I have to read is blocked by the city filters. I'll read this on my laptop or the library's laptop laters!
I can talk about how social media has impacted me historically to present. I remember when correspondences/letters used to be by snail mail" or handed to me in person. It was slower but the impact was stronger then than now I think. Now, I have email that I never clean out because it is too overwhelming. I like Facebook because of how quickly we can connect with memories past and present. I also see how FB can be tricky if you say things and get "unfriended". I have accounts on Twitter and Youtube, but not Instagram. I still type Instagram like Instangram with an "n". I don't see how Instagram is important. I guess because I don't take many pics. I do love my Pinterest and Goodreads and they both have social media connections aspects.

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