Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lesson 10 Challenge

write a paragraph about one local and one state or federal government website you explored. How do you think mobile technology will change people’s relationship to government access and services? Will having government services and elected officials “on the go” make us more (or less) democratic as a society?

Mobile Tech changed how people viewed online services. I recently saw a pothole getting larger and larger and turned into a sinkhole. i went on our "City Connect" on my cell and submitted a ticket. They emailed me in two days that that hole was fixed. I was over the moon that I went online and looked at resident services requests for help. 

A federal government website that I explored was the Library of Congress. I liked the menu because it was very simple and yet robust. When viewed on my cell, I found that this site was user friendly and easy to navigate.  

I have no idea how "on the go" elected officials can affect our democratic process.

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