Friday, December 26, 2008

Reflection Perfection #23

What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I was surprised how social networking and reading books were intertwine, i.e. LibraryThing. I learned a lot about JD's Photo Mash Apps and I've applied it to my job at the library.

How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I tried to begin with the end in mind (Habit 1) and this program led me to Habit #4; I could be a competent and effective learner. I feel that Habit #1 and #4 are the hardest to start and finish in any project, but I had helped from the comments that I received and the information that I gathered (Habit #5).

Were there any take-aways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I was surprised how many websites were dedicated to different ways to improve on the technology that we use. Google Maps is an example. Instead of just seeing how to find places, you can see the place in street view. Technology is growing and it is getting better in some things, but sometimes, like the RSS feeds, it can be too much information for any one person.

What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
I really enjoyed how you promoted this program and I hope that there will be more every year!

If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you again chose to participate?
I will chose this program or anything like it! I will also continue my web log as a way for me to grow in my learning! Thank you 23 Team!

Downloadables #22

Earlier this year, I used Overdrive when we were given the opportunity to review this software. I was impressed how easy it was to download the software and use it quickly to listen to the audiobook that I downloaded/checked out from our website. I was unimpressed by the titles offered, but it has grown. I downloaded "Monster of Florence" because I am too busy to read the rest of the book. I am typing this blog entry while I am listening to the book. Pretty cool! The kind of patrons that will use our services are those who have a reasonably updated computer system. I did encounter my antivirus system try to stop the download, but I just allowed all downloads from our system. I can also download my audiobook to my MP3 and just travel! I see our techy patrons really digging this option, but it really has to be the staff to really promote its services. I hope that I can influence our patrons, young or older, to this wonderful way to use our mobile technology!

Create a blog post about your findings. Choose one to play around with and blog about it. What do you think makes it easy and difficult to use? What kind of patrons do you think will use the service?

Watch one or both the tours above and select one of the platforms to explore.

#21 Podcasting

I must admit I didn't much about podcasting. I listened to one long time ago and now I appreciate them a lot more. I added the NPR podcast of "All About Books" to my Google Reader and I have the privilege of listening to their broadcasts weekly. I learned some cool info on the background of the authors of the books they review. I was pleasantly surprised by that information and that podcast. I forgot to say that I heard the podcast over my windows media player and ITunes. Pretty cool!

Youtube Nation #20

I already inserted a Youtube video on my blog back on 11-5-08. I did it because it was relevant to my entry on the future of the web and the youth of today. I love the idea that today's youth are called Gen-We because they are posed to lead and that they will not accept a cruel and unfair future. They want to restore their birthright.

Thing 19:Toolbox 2.0

Create a post about your discovery. What did you like or dislike about the tool? What were the site’s useful features? Could you see any applications for its use in a library setting
I like the following application tools: for Bookmarking, PbWiki as a Hosted Wiki,Google Maps for maps, and Mobile Tech for Twitter. I love the idea of carrying my bookmarked sites from one job to another. I have used the PbWiki to set up a Christmas party at my full time job at ACCD. GoogleMaps have that crazy "street view" that I have personall introduced others staff and patrons at the library to that great applcation.I have not used Twitter but I am interested in the tech to see how that can be used in my busy schedule.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thing 18: Google Docs

I tried using the Google Docs with an upload previous newsletter that I did and I need others to help me update it. It is crazy since it is very much like MS Sharepoint and very much not like Sharepoint. I think that online apps will only be used as long as Microsoft is not around. Or, if the global market starts to recognize how nice Google Docs is. I am intrigued but I am not sure that it is good to use for the professional workplace yet. I love the idea that to cut down on the emails, but as long as Sharepoint is out there, I'll keep it. Note: This online app will be good for small businesses.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thing #17: Play w/Sandbox Wiki

I added my blog to the sandbox PLCMCLearning Wiki.
I added a page on Marvel Movies but I don't know if I entirely thought it was fun. Maybe I should have reviewed it more than 30 minutes.
I was distracted by all the blog sites.
Almost like a crazy MySpace page.

Thing #16: Wiki of the Future

The Staff Wiki at the Memphis Library is real ideal. I noticed that there were a lot of helpful hints for the staff to help the patrons on different areas such as Microsoft Office Applications.
The Wiki at that library gave me the impetus to start a wiki for my full time job outside the library. You see, there was a major project that needed the input of many people, but we rarely can get together, so I made a wiki and gave that information to the other committee members. Now, instead of dozens of emails, we can communicate via this wiki. It is a minor project but it helped us "meet" more regularly with ideas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Library and Web 2.0

Mashups and Metadata is the thing now. More ways to search, less work. I read some of the articles and they have a certain glee to what the future of libraries will be. I don't know if there are any Dr. Who fans, but I remembered one episode where he went to a world that used all their resources to create their world as though it was one big library interface. Well, you'll have to see the episode. That is what I think Library/Web 2.0 is heading. WorldCat will have a social network aspect and expanding to include ejournals. Users are asking for more relevance rankings. The future is where there's more information and more ways to search. I thought that a librarian has always been the ultimate researcher. Now it looks like the future is that anyone can be the ultimate researcher. Specializations will be few and there will more interactions with the global audience than ever before. I am ambivalent about all this. I'll just ride the wave and see where it takes me.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thing 14: Technorati

I am not even sure what Technorati means, but I am a part-time follower. I like that I could blog about anything such as, Iron Man and then find other tags with the same interest. I just can't believe that since there are so many people who live via the web who try to seek human connections and so the tagging and social networking begins.
So, on to the blog,
I saw the bought the Iron Man video recently and I saw the preview to the Avengers. I am so curious about the Avengers that I started to read more about these super people. I am a geek for Marvel movies. I'll pretty much view anything from Iron Man to Constantine.I have not created a "watchlist" yet since I felt thinned out in the web already.

Social Booktagging

Can you see the comments they added about this bookmark or the tags that they used to categorize this reference? I saw only the tags, but then I wasn't sure where to look.

Can you see the potential of this tool for research assistance? I would be interested to see if research of this magnitude can be done.

OPTIONAL: I have a lot of websites that I tag from so many computers that it would be helpful to have it all in one spot no matter where I am! Kinda like an "H" drive of the book marks.

Thing 12: Rollyo Search Engine

I noticed on this search engine that I would probably be the only one to like this search engine, but then I remembered that there are perhaps billions of people who would like the same thing! I will hope that I can make better, sophisticated search engines for my personal use too.

Thing 11: Good Reads

I am a little addicted to Good Reads and what others think of the books they have read. I like that I can put in my two cents' worth of information on the books I've read. It seems to help me put things into perspective and put a list into what I've read already. I put the GoodReads on my blog so that others can see a little of what I've read. I am also interested in the LibraryThing website too.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Grandma's Craft Show on December 6!

Every year, my grandma shows her crafts (i.e. quilts) to sell at the Kristkindlmarkt on Saturday,December 6, 2008 at the King Willim District.
So, to be entirely shameless, I have learned to add a link and
be crafty in promoting this really fun event.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thing 10: Play with Images!

I like this image generator! I love the idea that html script is so far from my grasp, but, at the same time, so close. I used the same image generator that the SAPL Learns came from, Flickr Speller.
I also like making my own coat of arms and creating different scenarios with pics!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thing 9: RSS Feeds and my limited experience

Do you think you'd regularly use RSS to keep up with personal or professional blogs? Why or Why not?
I enjoy looking at what my feeds have for me-even throughout the day.
I have forwarded interesting news to my co-workers. I even found interesting tech websites devoted to librarianship.
I hope to use my RSS as a fast way to access specific-issue topics and relate them to my work and home.

Which method of finding feeds did you find easiest to use?
I learned that the Google reader does a really great job in locating the feeds that interest me. It is like my own life coach, but without the fee.

What kind of useful feeds did you find in your travels? Or what kind of unusual ones did you find?
I've learned what feeds I do like and what I don't and I unsubscribe to the ones I don't.

What other tools or ways did you find to locate newsfeeds?
Actually, I subscribed to YouTube through one of my newsfeeds.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

RSS is overwhemingly cool.

I didn't think that RSS reader can benefit little ol' me. When I started to gather my favorite websites, it reminded me when I gathered my Office memorabilia. I got way too much stuff and I had trickle down it so that I can enjoy the items I really wanted.
Then I started to see that RSS can be a time life saver not a time waster. I do see right away how overwhelming it can be. I will try to not overdo it. RSS at my work can bring me up-to-date information daily and throughout the day. Ideal Research can be instant and with less hassle.
I figure it is like someone telling you the highlights of the newspaper without me actually reading it. Probably not the best thing to say.
I like the RSS feed for "Tame the Web". I gravitate toward that feed because of the way they use technology to get info out.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tech and the techie

I believe that I live in a techie world where I could take a pic from my phone and send it live to the police because he was drag racing on my street. If I don't have a camera on my phone, I belive that I could "text" the police the license plate and description of the motocyclist. I see all ethnicities at my branch but I see Hispanics being a global leader in our youth who will use the text messaging service as a way to get the iLibrarian to help with research. Flic, text, or pics are going to be as common as breathing soon. If we are not there already...

Flickr mashups y 3rd party tools

I haven't used it yet, but i am really, really interested in the Flickr Trip Planner, Animoto, Map Maker, and Trading Card. The sites that I am not interested in is Qoop and Montagr since I don't plan on selling photos that I use and making a montage is not something that I could see myself using. I love to try Animoto and Map Maker in particular since I would like to stretch my knowledge in photocreations. I am going to try making a trading card too.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Habit 5: Create Your Own Learning Toolbox!

I realized that I forgot to post which Habit out of the 7 1/2 is the hardest for me to forge through. I chose Habit 5 as the hardest because gathering all my necessary tools to increase my learning is not always feasible for me. I also don't remember what "tools" I have available for me and make things harder than is necessary.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

las palmas banned books week 2008!

Las Palmas 2008 Banned Book Reading Map
This picture has a cool setup and holds special meaning since this was the first time i tried a reading map exercise!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Habit 6: Use technology to your advantage

i think that i am on this habit now. i am always listening and i am always applying what i learned.
this blog is one of my attempts.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Ever Blog

i am watching my favorite show, The Office, and i decided to finalize this blogger-thing project. who is not crazy for the jim/pam.
i hope that my LibraryAssistant blog be a good insight into my part-time work life.i love my job. i love seeing my coworkers and getting more script material.