Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Library and Web 2.0

Mashups and Metadata is the thing now. More ways to search, less work. I read some of the articles and they have a certain glee to what the future of libraries will be. I don't know if there are any Dr. Who fans, but I remembered one episode where he went to a world that used all their resources to create their world as though it was one big library interface. Well, you'll have to see the episode. That is what I think Library/Web 2.0 is heading. WorldCat will have a social network aspect and expanding to include ejournals. Users are asking for more relevance rankings. The future is where there's more information and more ways to search. I thought that a librarian has always been the ultimate researcher. Now it looks like the future is that anyone can be the ultimate researcher. Specializations will be few and there will more interactions with the global audience than ever before. I am ambivalent about all this. I'll just ride the wave and see where it takes me.

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