Friday, December 26, 2008

Downloadables #22

Earlier this year, I used Overdrive when we were given the opportunity to review this software. I was impressed how easy it was to download the software and use it quickly to listen to the audiobook that I downloaded/checked out from our website. I was unimpressed by the titles offered, but it has grown. I downloaded "Monster of Florence" because I am too busy to read the rest of the book. I am typing this blog entry while I am listening to the book. Pretty cool! The kind of patrons that will use our services are those who have a reasonably updated computer system. I did encounter my antivirus system try to stop the download, but I just allowed all downloads from our system. I can also download my audiobook to my MP3 and just travel! I see our techy patrons really digging this option, but it really has to be the staff to really promote its services. I hope that I can influence our patrons, young or older, to this wonderful way to use our mobile technology!

Create a blog post about your findings. Choose one to play around with and blog about it. What do you think makes it easy and difficult to use? What kind of patrons do you think will use the service?

Watch one or both the tours above and select one of the platforms to explore.

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