Monday, November 3, 2008

RSS is overwhemingly cool.

I didn't think that RSS reader can benefit little ol' me. When I started to gather my favorite websites, it reminded me when I gathered my Office memorabilia. I got way too much stuff and I had trickle down it so that I can enjoy the items I really wanted.
Then I started to see that RSS can be a time life saver not a time waster. I do see right away how overwhelming it can be. I will try to not overdo it. RSS at my work can bring me up-to-date information daily and throughout the day. Ideal Research can be instant and with less hassle.
I figure it is like someone telling you the highlights of the newspaper without me actually reading it. Probably not the best thing to say.
I like the RSS feed for "Tame the Web". I gravitate toward that feed because of the way they use technology to get info out.

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