Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lesson 3 Part 1 Challenge

Along came a student, Harriet, that did not have a lick of a chance to complete her writing assignment in time come in to Landa for help. She did not know how to start or where to begin. I asked her what her topic was and she started to shake from worry. I helped her with her anxiety by using research under the Student Research Center database. It gave her cool choices to narrow her source materials.
Harriet was researching, printing and writing her paper, but needed images, commercial-free, to add some pizzazz. She did not seemed too worried about getting the images she needed. I showed her our Image Collection database and she asked why not use Google as her images. I said, "Relax! I'll show how fast and safe an image search can be!".
After researching, writing and adding her images, Harriet asked me to review her paper and I said, "I have the best tutor to help you!". I helped her by showing her Live Homework Help's tutors who proceeded to help her make her paper into the best project she has ever done!

True story.

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